So Transparent That Sometimes You Never See Me But Beyond

I do feel invisible sometimes, not quiet along the lines of 'I don't exist' but more along the lines of being so transparent yet not that you see right through me to the other side. It often comes with some devastating revelation or something coming undone in the master plan of my life. I do the best I can but there are a fair number of times when it does not pay to be an open book to people because somehow, someway - pages get ripped open and after a while - the book is good for burning and little else. One of the reasons I am in awe of those at the top of my circle is the fact that I CANNOT be invisible to them. They feel the vibes, they read between the lines and they find a way to get from me what is gnawing at me. Very useful skill if you are going to be a true friend for Aries is known for stubbornness and Scorpio for secrecy which puts me in the Fort Knox/White House level of security when it comes to putting an iron vise on my emotions. It is rare that you will know I am hurt or bruised unless you REALLY and I mean REALLY know what to look for. You'll have to play detective, take whatever scant clues I inadvertently give, bide your time for a weak or open moment and get the story. Maybe this is why so few people make it into that higher echelon of my circle. Many don't want to have to work this hard to find the emotionally invisible man.

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7 Responses Apr 2, 2010

Just be authentic and real and who you really are

Wait... I'm a scorpio!.. Are you telling me that I'm secretive?... Hmmm... Must remember to polish my shell.

I see you all the time

I see you all the time

I'm not a very forgiving person either, though I've worked on it in recent years. Though I don't consider showing emotion a bad thing. It's kind of like the whole friendship issue we were talking about last night. If someone is going to judge me or use my emotions against me, I'm better off not knowing them, and will gladly sever them from my life.

That is always the problem with showing emotions...they get used against you. Also, you get judged for the way you feel.

If you are in the Fort Knox/White House level of security, does that make those who are in your inner circle of friendship the Secret Service?