I sometimes feel like the donut hole, the piece that has been removed from the rest of the dough and no longer resembles their original form on the outside but remains their soft gooey sweet goodness on the inside.

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Id love me some pizza right now.. Not a second since i last complained to you about it has passed that i didn't think about it...

Well for me I just love the donut hole and all.

So if you eat a dougnut (yes us Brits spell it like that!) hole does it constitute a low calorie diet?

LOL TX, that was hilarious and so true.<br />
<br />
Sat, Awww honey.<br />
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MMM I like Devils food Ar.

mmmmmmmmmm donuts

Yeah i guess devil's food could work.

Devil's food ar?<br />
<br />
Hehe Josie!

You're so sweet!!!!! Finger licking good even. '-) You know that little bit of sweet sugar that stays on the fingertips.

I am a frozen black void of nothing on my inside. What type of food would that be? snow cone?

LOL Ar.<br />
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Hehe Michelle!


Sometimes on the inside. I am all soft, mushy, and gooey.

So you are saying you are gooey?

Yep! I am good enough to eat lol.


Mmmmm donuts :)

I love donuts.

"mmm... donuts" haha! JenniferSometimes, are you Homer Simpson? ;)

LOL exactly.


LMAO yes they are.