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I did something for a very good friend that I am not happy about.  I did this for the friend and not for me.  The longer this goes on, the more unhappy I feel about this.  I am angry at myself for doing this!!!  I'm not usually a PUSHOVER.  I didn't want to do this from the very beginning but I still did it.  It's not anything horrible, I'm not breaking any laws BUT I am going against ME and what I feel about another person.  So it's making me unhappy and it's eating at me more and more everyday.  I did it to make two other people happy.  I AM NOT HAPPY.....frown
TexasLily TexasLily 56-60, F 10 Responses Jun 13, 2010

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Thank you unshakable, I will remember what you said....:-)

Hi my dear.I am the one that loves to help even i know i will get back nothing and at times ungrateful ones blame me and talk bad about me.I have STOPPED.How?When i decided enough is enough and i start to help myself 1st.Thats loving myself 1st before others.Even others we must be selective.Helping them might sometimes harming them.Like helping someone to be dependable on help.Showers of Blessings coming your way.

wiseowl, do you have a boot camp that I can go to. So you can teach me how to get tough. I thought being sweet was the way we're supposed to be....:-(

Hell yes..get in there and tell them straight up..I use to be more like you..and you are sweet. Sweet people can and have every right to set boundaries.

I guess I could wiseowl....I know I should but will I???

Can you go back & tell them how you now feel? Getting it out to them may set the record straight.. Plus you will feel assertive..taking a stand can seem scary but it's usually're not a push were trying to do a good thing.

Hello Darker, I know, I should come first!!! I should have gone with my true feelings and not my friends wishes!!!

Hi wib, yeah, I did have good intentions, but I know I'm being used and I don't like it....:-(

Always look out for number one.<br />
<br />
Yourself comes first. Helping friends is all well and good, but doing things that makes you feel horrible, isn't worth it.

don't beat yourself up Lily ... you had good intentions after all ... **hugs**