I Have Often Felt This Way...

...because of being on the Autistic Spectrum! I am also a member of a site called "Wrong Planet" that is especially made for those people who are like me- on the same Spectrum.
I guess saying "feeling like a stranger in a strange land" could pretty easily be compared with that, in so many ways......feels about the same to me, anyway...
Anyone else on EP want to admit they, too, are part of "the Spectrum"? As you can see, I can do it, and I believe you can, as well! :-)
GodsLovedMan GodsLovedMan
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1 Response Dec 5, 2012

Good post! You have found some friends here already. LOVE YOU MORE everyday!

I LOVE YOU more, everyday!!! :-*
Thank you! And you are my BEST, on here! ;-)

when we think it couldn't possibly grow it grows more fascinating!

EVERY time we talk, text, or meet on here, MY Love! ;-D :-* KISSES

Gotta love our talks the best! hehehehehehehe oxoxoxoxoxoxox

I definitely DO, MY sweet Love! KISSES and HUGS!

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