what is an adult?coz well i think everyone is a child but many times they just forget that..

maybe adult is someone who knows many things and feels more responsible bout some things-but then again even some adults arent responsible..maybe adult is someone who is too serious..

i mostly feel like a kid but sometimes adult..

idk.. but i know the adult in me can advise the kid in me heh sometimes..maybe we are kids always and the adult is just our logic?

just that an adult thought ?hehe

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Adult by day and decesion making and child by night and playing. You have the right idea, never loose that thought.


i guess..

totally agree with dreamvoyeur and LordVoldemort... There is nothing wrong with being an adult and a child all at the same time... in fact, it is a very good combination! few people are like that today...


hugs lv*♥

I agree with eyeno, you have the responsibility and logic of an adult combined with innocence and dreams of a child,<br />
<br />
Never lose that, such a great combination

i think i have confusing world in my mind heh:)

hehe thanku listenup*:)

I love this story ... and I love the groups that you create Amy :D

hehe:)u r not old granny!!!!!!!!<br />
heh PT,i think there are many who feel like that:)

and i thought i was the only one.