No Change With Age!!

I don't think I'm ever going to grow up.  Sometimes I'm more of a kid than my daughter who is 15.  She often tells me off for being childish!

I think having a child later in life has made me more able to identify with childish things - I still love kids TV programmes, cartoons and movies and my sense of humour can sometimes be very child-like.

I laugh at the stupidest things and love to play and mess around - I don't think I'll ever grow up completely - at least I hope not!

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Oh I know she will grow out of it rog - I also know that I won't!!

yes, remaining open to new things is essential mizz.

Absolutely right!! Arts are always changing, always evolving. Some things will always stay with me, but it is fundamental to feel that sense of wonder and awe at what you see and hear, with unjaded senses.

Yes, a love of spontaneity and a sense of wonder are all qualities which I'd never want to lose. I love new music and creativity generally and get very cross when I hear people say that there's nothing interesting happening creatively any more. There's always something new - you just have to be open to it and willing to look.

I like to think I retain a childlike innocence that allows me to appreciate the wondes of nature, of the world in general, still get as excited when I hear a new piece of music that I fall instantly in love with!

thank you mizz and ndd. yes, I have no wish to change that part of my makeup.

Childishness... or as I prefer to call it; the persistence of innocence, is a wonderful characteristic! It allows us to retain a sense of wonder and revel in the excitement of the "newly" discovered shape of a flower, sound of a voice in a tunnel, the colors in the morning sky... in short being childlike has much to offer us. I hope I never grow up even though I know I'll get older.<br />
I applaud you WIB!!!!

No, you're probably right, blissy!!

Well, farting is more of a boy thing mizz - it can be funny but it's mostly the male gender who seem to find it hilarious!! My brother was a champion and I don't remember ever being very amused by his antics!!

I still think farting's funny, if that has any relevance!<br />
<br />

have you been spying on me marji!!!???

true michelle! I am often disowned!!