Does It Matter!

I do feel that way sometimes, but most of the times EPers are really kind and loving. But I love commenting because I enjoy receiving a comment.

As long as I am not hostile I guess EPers wouldn't mind my intrusion that much!

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15 Responses Feb 21, 2009

Thank MadMaximus, I was a bit worried that I am stalking you! now I have a permit to do that.

I will do that mewold, you are a joy to read

Anything written in a story is ment to be commented on. That is why it is written in the first place. Feel free to write comments on my stories any time. A story is meant to be read and if no one writes a comment, no one values what I have written.

Thank you for reading my story, you made my day.

Actually I have gained something from your story that I shouldnt be afraid to comment on something I have a thought or feeling about , its true people put their stories there to be read if not they would keep it just between their friends. Thank you Mahsa TB

@ jojoWazoo: I believe you are right, if it wasn't an open topic it should have been PM! Thanks

@ flourlady: You are a joy to read and comment.

@chris: You are a gift, thanks

@ Marji, Thanks, I think you are such a sweet lady. And you look so young to me!

@ new day: I enjoy reading your stories, and I love commenting on things that make me smile too

@ angelMagic, Thanks, I love reading your stories

Don't feel worried about that. if people want to talk amongst themselves, They can send messages to each other. If there's an open topic, it's fair game.

you wont bother me my friend- keep it coming!!!!

I know what you mean Mahsa. I've see EP'ers jump in on stories and just throw insults at people. Those EP'ers are ignorant and should not even be paid attention to. I've learned to ignore them. These are people who are very unhappy with themselves, therefore they must make others unhappy. <BR><BR>This has happened to me, and may happen to you. Just ignore them as I do, because anything else is a waste of your time.<BR><BR>As you and I have discussed before, you are a pleasure to talk to. I really enjoy it, and look forward to talking to you every day if we can. :-)

I have felt that way before like people have their own things going on that I feel my comments be an intrusion. And I enjoy commenting on things that make me smile etc but sometimes I dont, I want comments on my things but dont get many at all. Hang in there perhaps we will both get more and be more confident to comment on others :)