I Think It Is Funny...

That we all feel like that until some other kind eper spreasds their kindness to welcome our comments and encourages us. It just goes to show that we are all in this together feeling our way, sometimes making ,mistakes but we keep on trying which is the one important point of this community, so cheers to EP!!

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6 Responses Feb 22, 2009

Hi! I'm new here and I don't feel like an intruder when I comment on anything anywhere online. I've already made several comments here on completelly different subject, and I feel I can't stop myself :) <br />
Maybe I feel like I have the right to comment on anything that is this public. If people didn't want their stuff to be commented on, they would have left them in the privacy of their own head, where nobody has the access. <br />
Am I rude to think this way? :)

we muddle thru it but we are surviving!

Exactly which the point of mutual empathy that we need to contribute!!!

And I think because of our shared fear we sometimes do not comment and that makes some people feel not welcomed and alone,

Thank you GoddessNakibean you are most welcome!

*Raises glass* Here Here! *smiles*