I don't just feel like I don't fit in society. I KNOW I don't fit in society.

Depending on the circumstances, I'm too crazy, weird, lazy, mature, kiddish, stupid, smart, optimistic, pessimistic, realistic, idealistic, cynical, funny, boring and annoying to fit in.

Not that I want to. Why should I be a cog in the wheel? Why should I fit in with the cliché? Human society is sick.

I'm happy with my misfit girlfriend and friends and I have no desire to mould myself into a uniform brick with sharp edges to conform with society's expectations. I'll stick with being a rounded stone and retain my uniqueness.
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Paddytram,<br />
Who said I'm bad? Vote for meah!! Yeah.<br />
<br />
Well, my gf is awesome but she isn't exactly conventional. We just click. I'm hoping the smile will be a happy one, as opposed to a bitter one.

Thanks, honeylovemuffins! Well, I live in a society where many educated people think Astrology is a science and plan their marriages around it. xD <br />
There are also liberal doses of religion, patriarchy and hierarchial family structures. I wasn't brought up that way and my circle (real life and virtual) isn't like that but we're basically misfits. I feel like a foreigner in my own country and I'm planning to get the hell out of here the moment I'm finished with college. Seriously. I mean, it'll probably be an exciting place to work in but I just don't belong. I'd rather feel like a foreigner in another country instead of my own. Uh huh.

EEEE GADS! I thought you were a politician by naming all those virtues and wanted us to vote for you in 2012. GLAD you aren't, you can't be that bad, leave that to the political types. You're young, got a girl and your starting out, nothing wrong with that and believe me once you reach my age you will look back and smile upon your youth.

Right. I suppose you know my own feelings about society better than myself, thanks to the life experience. Never having lived in the society I live in probably helps, of course.

Sorry but your desc<x>ription of yourself is that of an everyday human being. Nothing wierd about it. You haven't had enough life experience to know that you absolutely fit into society which does not mean you have to conform but you are not wierd or bizarre. Hope that doesn't disappoint you