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We recognize, in the limited and selective sense of being conscious of, that other people think. And we are motivated to influence what they think. Towards that end we must make and maintain a good impression. We do it so well that where we are managing the process of making and maintaining the impression is absolutely private, for life! No one will ever look at the impression we are making on them and reverse-engineer it back to this private self! We are quite certain of that (unless we have schizophrenia where the rules have changed dramatically).

An impression is generally made to defeat suspicion. Something is lost, large or small, a trinket, a flirtation or a million healthy young lives, and when the time comes to account for the loss the trail will never lead to the perpetrator. The impression we have made is above suspicion, and the inquisition moves on.

This is not about self-incrimination. Science should be when something new is understood; a new understanding, the death of the old understanding’s limitations. Incrimination is a profit-gimmick. As with drinking-water the person who feels guilt can never stop buying the cure. As soon as someone tries to make you feel guilty you are feeling the futility of it! "This is the answer? You must be kidding!" The mind as it is when it is making trouble is the mind that is making the cure. Science is what you can’t expect.

So there is a loss. This loss is your gain. And when the one who lost it accounts for how it was lost he estimates that you did not take much of it, or you took none of it. Because he has this impression of you as his whole experience of you. You have never lost control of your features. This is a camouflaged loss/gain. The one who lost should put this whole loss into your account, but he puts little or none there.

Look at the victim. He has lost an amount. And he also has collected something called "paranoia". The neighbors are at fault, the government is at fault, the immigrants are at fault, the foreigners and so on. He has lost his ability to deal with the problem rationally, and he has to deal with it somehow; it preys on him. So he deals with it irrationally. That means it will hurt him for a lifetime. Futility!

And this futility is a wonder, from a scientist’s point of view. Because your victim will never know it is futility! He is convinced he is perfectly rational! Maybe he is out burning crosses or giving speeches that will solve the world’s problems. This is ego, you see? Your good impression brings about his ego! Ego is the impetus, inertia or momentum of futility.

And futility, as we said, is to solve real problems using images of those involved.

So you are the winner, if you see it in this limited sense. But are you devoid of ego? Ego being how "brilliantly" you perform acts of futility. If you are not, then you are not devoid of trying to account for things by processing the good impressions people have made on you, so that the culprit is never among them. And what if the better fraction of seven-billion people are all making this good impression on you? Imagine the ego that would generate, if you understand this is an equation: more images generate more ego. So many things to put your faith in; all of them leading to the same doom.

Look again in the conscious. There is privacy, very secure privacy. No one can ever find out what goes on in there. That is one futility, and there are seven billion of these. Each one represents terrible losses to the people and creatures around it, and there is no accounting for them except as the need for violence against the scapegoats. A scapegoat is someone or some group paranoia inculpates (finds culpable).

So we are seeing that thought is this futility. Thought is where the good impressions seem to come alive, so that the study of these impressions seems a living private process. What is it to be robbed by seven billion people? It is a life of futility, yes, but futility how? Neurotic solutions! Attachment to what remains when everything is lost.

What is left to pursue when all is lost? Let’s say we pile up everything that is left to pursue when all real motivation is dead. Then this pile masquerades as wealth! Only where impressions lodge themselves. It’s a conscious pursuit.

See how thinking exceeds the speed limit, runs the stop-signs. You can’t make it rest. Why is this? Watch a child eating sugar and nothing but sugar. He is too hungry for it! Insanely hungry! Because he is eating himself into illness and accident. He is doing worse than eating nothing. Good food is less exciting, or we would all get fat from it. Health means a lot if we have a passion. We wouldn’t want food to be the passion.

What (who) is destitute in our lives, then, isn’t the self of thinking. This self is too eager! Futility is good to it. If we rest the mind we can see that it is what is resting under the restless current of thought that is destitute. It rests just fine, but it has nothing. Because the whole world of people is lost in futility! If we have a child, the child is lost. If we have a mate the mate is lost. If we have a dog the dog is lost. If we have some woods the woods are very temporary and getting sick. If we have an expanse of natural water it is unsafe, and when the ducks land on it we have to pray their immune systems are up to it. How do you tell kids the beach used to be for playing, but no more. That’s history. Don’t get a drop on you, never mind inside you. And do your own testing; microscopes are cheap and Internet has the pictures of the nasties. The posted signs won’t tell us it’s over until there are corpses littering the shore. Make a good impression till you’re caught.

What is this mind that can rest but has nothing? It’s the emotional mind. It’s where we love the tree in the yard. And we love it because it loves the birds, the bees, the mosses and so on. Eventually it is back to it loves us too. We love to witness love. But only when it is not futile! Look how the tree loves the birds: physical accomplishments! Man’s only accomplishment is futility. As man sees the tree he is laboring over how to make man’s irreversible actions futile! Accomplishment, futility, the extreme opposites.

(Maybe you are thinking of man’s many accomplishments, if you read this only once so far. Paintings the painters won’t hang on their own walls. Music you have to be on meds to play professionally. Going to Mars while the Earth is becoming uninhabitable. Poetry that came to the poet’s mind to blind his sight of the "adored object", like a hot-stove reflex. "Impress me!" Such a stupid directive.)

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Jesus lamented only that words written before his time were not revered, not that his own were not. He was not a deep man, but a popular one, standing for what we call The Right today, meaning get rid of the foreigners and their criticism of our culture. He felt his old religion being polluted.<br />
<br />
A follower is like a drunk. He sees no danger in his own decay. He can always point and say, "That's the one!". He never needs to be a light on the world himself.<br />
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As easy as it is to exploit a worm, that's how easy it is to exploit an icon. Jesus rarely saves and often molests. Why ever would we speak his name again?