Why Indian Kids Are Confused?

Confusion is a stage of adaption of your brain which enables you to find a balance with the growing internal conflict. So this definition refers to the condition of mind where the mind is fluctuating between disputed thoughts and beliefs. Such condition is prevalent in children brought up in Indian culture. We must know that the influence of culture on the thoughts and perceptions of person is a factor that cannot be ignored. So lets first see how our thought patterns emerge and then try to understand how culture plays its stake.

All human thoughts roots from survival which the basic force deeply underlying any species. Humans are called the thinking animals as we could generate thoughts and could make considerable changes in our behavioral patterns from time to time. But as the inlying current within us is the survival of ourselves and the continuation of our race, our thoughts too are motivated toward the same direction. Our thoughts adjust itself such that it fits with the society and social structures to which the we seek daily for different needs. Survival of human race has lot to do with our social formations and hence there is an instinct within us to adapt with the common behavioral patterns. Thus any society has direct influence of on the way a person thinks.

India has definite culture for different regions which is not developed from a mixture of people, unlike the American culture. India's culture got developed through ages in a structured paradigm. Hence the social rules and regulations which are customs than rules necessary for the governing of a country, are part and parcel of people's life. In other words they depend on society much more than on an elected government. It is not surprising if Indians are too much influenced by society as India had never been a single country till the British rule; there had been many countries within India under different kings hence diversity of cultures.

Family is an important factor favoring the social dogmatism and it is so profound in Indian culture. It is as if the whole culture has developed to nurture strong family system. People brought up in strong families are found to be more dependent on society and also lack a sense of independent self rooted thinking.

The social dogmatism has a different way of functioning compared to the One Globe thinking pattern that has evolved from the west. Social dogmas being primitive in nature has rules that limit people within its region of influence. The rule of nature being same for all, favors the One Globe approach more than the social dogmatism of regional social structures.

In the olden days when the people could adjust their lives with limited influences from the world, the society could put its relentless influence firmly on the people of India. So society drew the show encapsulating individuality of people. The spiritual coaching engraved the social thinking of Indians from early ages. The influence of religion and spirituality on Indian minds worked perfectly well within of the social boundaries that proposed those teachings. Survival of the fittest also fitted well into such premier principles of the past. Things have turned bit odd now, the imperial One Globe approach with its scientific adventures and technological advances has captured our lives and we cant just stay away uninfluenced with a limited perspective. Science is too odd as it fosters independent thinking and individuals get empowered to face the world single handedly.

The spirituality is not the direct consequence of natural human instinct to survive but was a result of social formations where customs and sacraments were required for creating social order. Where as scientific spirit is part of mans genuine drive to learn and survive the unpredictable elements of nature. No one could remain indifferent when science knocks at the door so its not surprising if spirituality goes side lined in with the new generation in India; we have seen same effects all over the world. In India we are still not ready rise with the changing current completely and going as if we are at no ends. Now we are teach children spirituality for the sake of continuation social customs and science for winning bread for the family. Thus no wonder that children of modern India are confused lots as their thoughts go oscillating between spirituality and science; they are unable to find safe seat anywhere.

This situation in India is different compared to the need for achieving stability in a changing economy as here it is a conflict between past and present value systems and those who are affected are the children of India who are going to this age of chaos
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Mar 6, 2012