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Is There Something Wrong With Me?

Since a child, I've never really fit in. I always got made fun of, and being different made me feel unaccepted. As a high school student who suffers from social anxiety and not being able to fit in my whole life, I worry it will be hard for me in the future when I have a job and I won't be under my parent's roof. But I guess there's nothing wrong with thinking out of the box and being different.
SubZero18 SubZero18 18-21, F 2 Responses May 6, 2012

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I thought outside the box when I was a child and that was one of the reasons I was expelled from the school I went to.

There's nothing wrong with that.<br />
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We are who we are because that's who we were made to be; anyone who picks on a person just because they don't act 'like everyone else' are going to find out the hard way in life that nobody thinks alike and society is just a stamp to justify behavior.<br />
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Kids grow up hearing/thinking society is a specific way, then they pick on others who don't behave the same way, which, of course, puts pressure on the person who is just trying to live the way he/she was made to be.<br />
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I think that makes sense.<br />
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I completely agree with you. I've had people (kids my own age and relatives) treat me negatively because I'm not what they think I should act like. I've had people say, "That's not the way people think out there."