Pressured By Society

It drives me crazy, sometimes, the things that modern society finds so important -  looks, status, possessions...and even though you don't want to care, society presses its values on you and measures you by those values every time you step out the door.

xryss xryss
31-35, F
5 Responses Jun 13, 2008

With the way the US economy is going these days, it's almost as if they are telling us that it is OUR JOB to consume!

i think they are telling us to consume...for other people will get more money

yes, it is a struggle. one must be very sure of themselves to ignore the opinions of others. i can't say i'm always that strong.

agree with you, but its a constant struggle to ignore when necessary, and move on or we would just be wasting our precious time over it


i say f*** society's values