I Don't Belong Either

Sometimes when I am at the store or somewhere I try to be friendly and ask how somebody is even if I don't know them,and it's like they just give me a dirty look and go another way through the store. i am a pretty woman and yet people are always treating me likeI don't belong there. I try to be nice even if i do not know the person, but sometimes i just want to hide from the world except through my computer. What is wrong with me.
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41-45, F
2 Responses May 23, 2007

People are just on guard, I think, I get the same reactions, sometimes you meet someone nice and they engage with your banter, but mostly people can't handle it. Too bad for them I say, you should not feel bad, just be yourself.

It's a shame that people no longer see friendly interaction as just being friendly. Keeps your spirits up, it seems like you are an excellent person to know.