Not That I Don't Belong,

Just that it could be a different. I'll elaborate at a later date.
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4 Responses Jun 27, 2007 If only society was capable of coming together as one mind and thinking through its issues. "When I was younger, I was against women voting(sometimes against voting of any kind) and gay marriage , but these days I am mostly neutral. I used to enslave parts of myself, but nowadays I let most of myself run free while huge portions of me hunger... I allow most of myself to ignore the majority of me in pain and I still have portions of myself that think they are better then the rest, I continue to fight myself, while keeping the delicate balance in parts of me that have allied.” Only playing that that…but it looks as though society’s message would be full of people getting the good life while many more suffer, and that sucks…I get a good life, other’s suffer, I am altruistic, but unable to help all. Does anyone want to try and write an auto-biography from society’s perspective? We’re all parts of the whole. ob<x>jectivity would be hard to maintain.

Perhaps contemporary society could elaborate on *itself* - I'm sure a thoughtful, detailed self-examination would go a long way!

Those are opt-in; you can block them out... But things like working to live, and having to adhere to rules that exist only on paper, makes me nostalgic for the times before we spread our fingers across the globe...when a man could get a boat and go from one country to the other without going through customs. Having said that, I like market forces, I like the products of consumerism...Having been in our current society, I am keen for a liberal future. I feel like society shouldn’t be so much of a headache, but beyond that my wishes are fantasy.

I don't want to belong. I don't care about Paris Hilton. I can care less about Rosie and her issues. If that is the world that society revolves around, I am glad I'm not in it.