I Definitely Don't Belong ...

I definitely don't belong in society. I live in my own world unfortunately.  Not many friends and just   family around me.  Society doesn't give a **** about me.  I try to fit in by losing weight and trying to looking pretty, but I'm just not and I don't fit into society because of that.  Society wants certain things of us that I just can't give  or don't have.

Licorice Licorice
31-35, F
3 Responses Jul 26, 2007

Ive never fit in anywhere as a child other children were scared of me no one liked me no friends as a child and no friends now, im just lucky someone actually married me so I just hang on to that.

I know what you mean. Saying straightly, I think I'm fat, my face does not look gorgous as I want it to be- like other girls. But have you heard about those empresses in the old days who with one hand could break down the whole country because their confidence which made all the kings knelt down on their feet?<br />
Every woman in this world are beautiful. No one is ugly!!! Try to show your confidence!!! I know you will agin something from there because I've made it. If I can means you can!!!

I know how that goes. I have no idea why all these stupid things are expected of us.