I Hate Alcohol

I hate alcohol and that makes me different from society.  While everyone is getting drunk to have fun, I am sitting at home because I do not like to watch people destroying their bodies and lives. Why can't people socialize while in their right minds?  Why can't ice cream (or anything else) take alcohol's place in society?  Why does everyone have to think there is something wrong with people who don't get drunk?
psychochic psychochic
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2 Responses Jul 26, 2007

Right there with you. People don't seem to understand that even hanging around and talking, and not drinking myself, can be uncomfortable when ever one around me is drikning.

There is nothing wrong with people who do not drink. I hate alchohol as well, and I also am unable to understand how people can find petty pleasure in such destruction. There are so many possibilites, those people cant see that life hangs by a thread. By getting drunk, they are gambling their lives and shaking the thread. I cant see the fun in that.