My Journy

I sometimes feel like i do not belong in society because i am not in agreement with any of the modern stipulations to which people have determined happiness and or success is determined. I read of America as a place where you once could go out claim land work hard and live to survive and feed your family, now i now what farming is like i lived with the Amish for a summer when i was 10yrs i drove draft horses and chopped trees and the whole nine yards so i have no illusions of living on the land as being ez. But to be a slave to money and run the rat race of this "great" modern life we have is more depressing then any hard days work in a hot barn full of chafe (small bits of hay floating in the air) or plowing a Field. Once a soldier sat on a hill with a Indian the white man said to the Indian what makes us so different from one another? The Indian replied have you ever sate for a hour and not Had a thought? well i know i could not imagine sitting for 1 minuet and not having a thought how i envy a more peaceful existence.


romantree romantree
Aug 25, 2009