I Fell Like That a Lot.&nbs...

I fell like that a lot.  The last few months, I'm really making it a goal to change that.  I'm getting more involved with my passions,, Music, Animals, ect, and trying to make more use of time, as it is a precious thing that shouldn't be taken for granted.

46-50, F
1 Response Mar 20, 2009

I understand what you have expressed. People come and go. We see birth and death happening ,all around us.A person looks in the mirror and wonders,"What about me?" What's in the future? I try to make use of my days.We get up and go thru our routine..It's ho hum.I think of the people who have so much less..are losing everything due to the economy.Yes, it's a good plan to return to your passions. It mighy be a future, in the making.