Here's A Small Poem I Wrote How Things Change.

"what am i suppose 2 do."


sitting by a local park, with my friends

i was young,small, and always came up with the master plan

i discuss with my friends, and i asked them

"will we be friends in the end?"

well at first we'd laugh, it became a joke

day by day we started to take a look

and yeah i know its all stress

took the best, i had

and now i'm walking around feeling unblessed

even though my friends are getting it together

they always made time for me whenever


i failed before, and its not going to hurt me now to

i am me, you are you

some try to make a pretty name

your feeling good, i wish i can feel the same

i'm not a downer, but i wonder

if im thinking too much

people lieing here, people leaving there

in myself i trust

even though i have few friends

i try to keep the ones i got

happiness for me isn't a sureshot


~what am i suppose to do

when we cant relate

when i cant find the answers

for the day

let it all fall down

to someones elses hands

things change, and its hard to understand.


well people get offended with the things i do

but its not my thing to impress you

and the things you say

got me looking like a fool

but i go to the places

where it reminds me of my childhood

i cant be the only one feeling like this

and yeah i know my friends got my back

but i pray for love to have

i'd wish and id find a little light

and it was just a dream i had


now to end this temporary story that i'm living

its just a temporary feeling

but it doesn't look like its getting any better

yesterday we use to be together

but things change, what am i suppose to do

walking around my family

with nothing to say.

and i wish i did, because id really like to explain

why i'm like this

i'm not ashamed

but i'm not too proud

am i in the right track

or in the wrong crowd?

i'm pretty sure

your too happy now

to think of how you let me down

but i need to look through the lense

and i promise my family and friends

i will make sense.



joe0ner joe0ner
18-21, M
Dec 12, 2009