I often feel like there is really no one that understands. Sometimes I just wish that I can look at someone, and they can just tell that I need a hug or something. I hate feeling like there is no one in the world, that really understands me, or even attempts to understand me, it really drives me insane, and sometimes it just makes me feel more lonely, and more alone than ever. I just wish there was someone out there that really understood where I was coming from, and could give some insight, and some kind of suggestion, on how to get through things. I don't always want to feel alone, and miss undersoot by the world. It can be bad sometimes, sometimes I don't even want someone to offer ways to make it better, I want them to just give me a hug, and say they understand, and they truly do, and not just say i, because they don't know what else to say =/

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1 Response Aug 5, 2010

You may not know but there's someone presently knocking at the door of your heart and patiently waiting for you to recieve him, He really loves you, he promised to always be there even if all forsake you. His love never fails, neither is it conditional.<br />
His name is JESUS and he wants to be your friend.

Yes, the times when only imaginary friends understand us...