Fragments Of 2011a.

you with your needs are all fragmenting me
you are tearing me to pieces bit by bit
i am not well mostly currently
when you need me i give willingly
you take greedily and give no thought to me
you drain my energy, you sap my strength
it is not just you it is you and you and you
the multitude and the masses who desire
who devour me piece by piece by piece
i give you my words of accuracy striking
to the root of your problems, your sores,
your diseases, your maladies, all all all
and it is never enough never sufficient
and so i must make a clear choice to leave
and get some peace and some quiet and
some comfort and sustenance for my soul
and for my body and for my survival cause
i do care for you and some i love too
and i hope you will understand and can let me
do this with certainty knowing you will
destroy me if you do not let me go so please
let me go and rest a bit please

and some of you here do love me true and
give me love and support and words to
lift my spirits and fill my heart to brimming
and make me sing and dance but the ones
who suck me dry intentionally or not are 
causing me distress and ill health 
so I thank those who have lived me and 
say I have helped enough to those others
currently and presently
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5 Responses Nov 1, 2012

enjoy your vacation sister of mine . . . recharge those batteries . . . we need you back here chickie . . . you will be missed . . .

Heart and health. My wish for you

I'm well enough I suppose. Nicole is still fine.

I wouldn't know magnificence if it hit me in the eye

Just honest, girlie

Safe travels wherever they take you. Go with love and strength in your heart. Be great to you. Love you.

Take a rest. It's not good you get devoured.

It's time you ditched this person, permanently. They will only DRAG you down.

Oh yes then you and I are in the same boat today....

Either way we need to distance ourself from them or we will DROWN and SINK. Understand? Let's take a break from helping and giving our time to them it will seriously be beneficial, let them take care of themselves. We are not super heroes remember that ONLY human.

Break time. Now. No more.