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Today I want to shut it all out, my kids, my partner, my work the whole bloody shabang!! I'd like to be in that place where nobody can reach me or hurt me, be alone with my thoughts and dreams.
I want to be in that place where I can be alone because I choose to be, instead of being lonely which I do not choose!
Hun1 Hun1 51-55, F 11 Responses Nov 3, 2012

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I just know that feeling xxx

Guess at times I also feel that now was the time for companionship...enough is enough!

For me the best hiding place is a good book.

that i understand how you do feel

To be alone and to be lonely are very different things. I just want to be alone at the moment.
Today is my birthday. I should be happy. But I just want everyone to leave me alone with my thoughts.
My thoughts about the one person who seems not to care anymore and it's breaking my heart :(

I understand that feeling. But remember that there are others. Plenty of others who do care and will make you feel very special and loved. Please do not allow that one person to have that much power over you. You deserve more. Happy Birthday:)

I guess it must be tough trying to maintain your sanity when all around you are hell bent on having their piece of you.

oh I'm sane...its all the others that are crazy!!! lol

You and me both!

I agree. I would love to have that too.

I feel like this a lot as well. It would simplify life.

Wouldn't it just...Today is another day like that!!!!

That's kind of the never ending race I'm up to at least once a week. The thing is there aren't enough hours between when the child and wife go to sleep and when I have to wake up for work.

I Know what you mean. It is worse when they don't let you.

I understand you because I'm feeling the same at times.