When Everything Goes Wrong…

   when I need to sacrifice what I truly love to do because that cannot give me money to support myself..
    when i need to let go of someone who meant the world to me..
   when others dislike me because being smart or intelligent is not good enough.
   when being truthful means I have done something wrong.
   when trying more than my best means I don’t reach their expectations.
   when i cannot please others because I do not approve their ways.
   when I cannot make friends because I don’t understand people who say something infront of me and something else behind my back
    when I cannot make friends because they need me and I shouldn’t expect them to be beside me when I am alone
   when i trust someone and they prove me wrong..
when I hate myself for being ‘me’
..for being sensitive
..for trying to do things perfectly.
..for not being recognized or appreciated for my efforts
..for not being cared
..for not not being loved in return
..for having expectations which cannot happen
..for having dreams which never can be true
..for being always proved wrong.
papri papri
31-35, F
3 Responses Nov 16, 2012

felt every bit of it. way to vent. good words. and well put. :)

Hi papri, I find you even more mysterious than justme (and thats a challenge!)<br />
Here you come across as gentle, pretty and very smart. <br />
Why cant you see how powerful and wonderful you are?<br />
And yes, I have read your stories.

am i mysterious? i'm not sure...well i'm 28 and all these years of experiences...rather others or happenings always prove me a failure..i try to feel good about myself but everytime i seem to be proved wrong...

I seriously think you need to redefine failure
Take baby steps towards all you love and value.
There have been people who have caused me to feel a failure and every day I have moved further and further from them.

hugs.....try to remember that no matter who we are....we're ALWAYS good enough..... We only have to accept and appreciate ourselves..... No matter what others do or say never let their opinions rob you of this.... ♥