I am rarely alone, but of course that has nothing to do with feeling lonely.  Sometimes loneliness comes from being in a different space from those around us.  As if we are all in our little thought bubbles ... as if there is no connection.  I often feel that no-one is listening to me, as if I could cry out in despair and no-one would hear.  But someone would hear because, as I said I am hardly ever alone.  But would they really be listening? 

Occasionally I crave the presence of someone who I know would appreciate my company.  I have good friends who are far away from me in all corners of the world.  People I haven't spoken to in a long time.  I have good friends that I do miss a great deal.  I have hardly any family that I can contact or who would feel any link with me at all. 

I do feel disconnected from time to time.  It's not a pleasant feeling but it does usually pass fairly quickly. 

I guess I have learned to be pretty self-sufficient.  But I do sometimes feel lonely nevertheless. 
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I know what you mean SG ... sometimes animals or even inanimate ob<x>jects can be great listeners when we have something to share.

When I get like that I go out to the pond we have on our property and just sit and talk with the fish who live there... I am convinced that they hear me, and that they are old souls who understand... it helps! It really, really does!

Sometimes TOCIC ... but luckily those feelings usually pass quickly ... I am pretty content within myself

I think many can relate 8ofswords ... and you're right that's what keeps EP in business ... <br />
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but that's true of any creative process I think ... if we paint a picture ... with oil on canvas or from a keyboard ... it's essential that we know someone, somewhere is viewing or reading what we've created ... I think that's a fundamental part of our humanity ... that knowledge that someone else sees and appreciates some aspect of the world which resonates with us. It's how we know we're not alone. <br />
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true southernman ... it's a big help.

I understand and can relate to the feeling WiB, it happens to me time to time, I try to stay busy and find things to occupy my time.<br />
when that doesn't work, I find myself logging in here to EP and chatting with some of my friends here, that always seems to lift my spirits.

I do consider myself lucky Smilefromaveil ... I wasn't actually complaining ... just stating how I feel sometimes. The feelings pass quickly because I do remember and realise that I am lucky and I have people in my life who love and appreciate me. I am sorry you are alone ... I hope you have faith and some animal company at least. Pets can be a huge comfort.

How does it pass quickly? I have felt that way for most of my life. My personal motto, "Always alone but never lonely" It has been more difficult to keep that light heartedness in my attitude.<br />
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I think when you feel that way...ask the right open ended questions to the friends that are next to you....give them a chance to understand and hear you. Communication is key.<br />
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I have no one next to me...so when I cry out...no one hears me. At times...I was at in desperate need after being hurt and a big fat lizard in my home brought in by the cat. I have no one that heard me...no one to call...no one....but GOD, DOG, lol and Cat. So consider yourself lucky....at least you are not treated as a lepar by people.<br />
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Good Luck,

Yes it does lala. But the disconnected feeling is part of my character I think. I am a loner really. I see it as part of what makes up my persona. There are those who can help me feel a part of the bigger picture and who can make me feel included ... and I love them for that ... and there are many of them ... but generally speaking I still do return to being alone and I suspect I actually do enjoy that.

I sometimes feel like that. Disconnected. Sometimes it takes just one person to make it all click into place