Lonely..hate It

I am sociable as hell. I can talk to anyone for anything. I am funny, smart n easily find something to talk to. However, I have no decent friend. I can't trust anybody. And that's terrible cause I really need a friend. I start talking about private thing people I've just met and I don't like it. I guess that's just a result of not having friends. Why is it that rough to find somebody trustful. It's like I just now realize the "Godfather" has some point after all. Trust is quite important. It's killing me. Hate that loneliness 
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Hmmmm, it seems your describing me almost. If I find the right person to talk to I can be social with that person but I have no decent friend like you are saying. I only have a few friends who I don't see as much anymore. It seems there's no decent person in my neighborhood to even talk to. Even at my college, I haven't made any friends yet. For some reason, I kind of don't feel comfortable and kind of scared of the new environment I'm in. Some of my peers like look total jerks too and push's my alarms to stay away from them. It seems everywhere I go, I look at people oddly that something tells me to stay away. I've even tried to tell my parents how I feel but I don't think they know how to react. I'm just a young guy trying to get into a new environment and my adult life and this whole thing seems to haunt me. You should also keep in mind that my family relations are stale as well. I have family who I've bearly met yet or have just met but have not known that have been part of my family a couple of years ago. Even my family members are scattered around in places I think I might not get to in my life and I don't find that good at all. I find it very sad what so ever. That's how I feel.

There are soo many people that feel lonely out there, it is such a horrible feeling, fortunately i have never had that feeling, i do actually enjoy my own company. There are lots of nice people on here to chat to, always here if you wanna chat.<br />
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Take care

i couldnt help snooping on youre profile. seems to me like yo have a lot of things to say and it really doesnt have to be an everyday social thing. around youre age youll be surounded by immaturity, and you can make friends through any age group you like, and anywhere not just the ones that happen to be around. you are not alone, you just havent found the kind of people that see things the way you do. theyll be there , sooner or later.

i am, i was the same at youre age:) got bored of peopel my age and wanted someone to challenge me. until you get true friends you either get a hobby and obsess about it , or start hanging around different places...

humm I feel the same. I have a good sense of humour , can talk about everything, make people laugh, but I am so lonely, can not trust neither. it is really painful. i hate it too. lets go deep inside of it and see where is a problem. talk it through, ymy be we can find a solution for it.

You're not alone. For once, you could say you have all the people on EP that are reading your story who are by your side. And yes, you're right by the saying that trust is quite important. It's what a friendship is ba<x>sed on, that will keep you from telling your secrets to strangers, only your true friends will have that privilege. I know what you feel and I advice to look around you and choose wisely, someone who will be ready to be a trust worthy friend. But first, you have to trust yourself of doing so before trusting others and being trusted. I probably know that what I'm saying have no sense at all, but the point is nobody's alone in this world, they will always find someone to be there for them in the most awful moments. -C.