I Am Having A Lonely Day Today

This sometimes takes me by surprise, when the tears well up in my eyes and I simply have my sad lonely feeling inside. These days I want to curl up in my bed and shut the world out.

This is the time when I want that special man in my life so I can wrap myself in his arms and feel safe and secure. I don't have many of these days but when they come? I have a hard time shaking my lonely feeling deep inside. As I write this? More tears rolling down my cheeks but I maybe the tears are a good release to shake my loneliness.

Then I look in the mirror and wonder what it is about myself that does not attract the right man into my life and just feel more alone. Most of the time I am fine, since I am outgoing, have a wonderful family and friends, but then there are these days of tears. Maybe it was something that passed through my thoughts that made me think of someone today and that is why I feel so alone.

I hope my feeling passes and when I wake up tomorrow, it will be gone but maybe I will have another day tomorrow like today. But thankfully my friend Rita and I are having lunch on Saturday oh I am so grateful for my good close friends, so my feelings will pass when I am with her.

Lonely days are so hard for me, since most people that meet me see my outgoing personality and my confidence they just don't see this part of me since I don't like to show it to the rest of the world. Hopefully some day soon I will meet my special man and he will see all the parts of me including my vunerable moments like today.
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5 Responses May 10, 2012

oh my gosh this is so totally me :(

Awww I am sorry this is you today. I used to have these days so much it was painful. Now I just have them occasionally since I am in a great relationship now. I hated those times of the uncontrollable crying jags.... HUGS

Very nice and relatable story. <br />
Sometimes I get days like this too. It's hard. We know it's better if we go put ourselves around people we love but it's easier to sit and cry and wonder where we went wrong to put ourselves in a lonely state. We feel alone in our loneliness for goodness sake. We wonder if there is anyone else out there that could possibly understand that terrible feeling of being alone.<br />
Don't worry however, I am a strong believer that there is indeed someone for everyone.

It is hard especially when you are the person that other people look at and think how strong they are! I also am that firm believer in the fact that there is someone out there for me and I am hoping that my date I am having next weekend is just that person! We have been talking for over 4 months now just havent met in person yet. Thanks for the compliment on how readable this was!

Hang in there, chat away.

understand<br />
really hate being around couples<br />
<br />
and i sit back and watch others and they say the love each other but they sure do not act that way<br />
<br />
when the ones i loved were alive we never treated each other like that is some one wanted to go snuggle you just walked up and took theother by the hand and lead them off to go talk play what ever the other wanted

Yes I do believe couples for me are the hardest to be around.....but you are right some of them? they dont really care for one another and that....I do not want...I would rather be alone then. Thanks

It is hard. And oft times even lonlier when you go out into the world and and are around others but still alone. WIsh I could give you a big hug and back rub. THen gently kiss the tears from your eyes and hold you close for awhile. Alas I am just amand and not a special man, so I do not know if that would help.

It does seem lonelier to me when I am around esp couples who are happy in their relationships. I could use a big hug and my tears kissed away because then I would feel safe and secure....thank you because that is special :-)