Wy Am I So Lonely When Im Around Others

My life at the moment is unfulfilled, I have work which is new to me, a new flat with a new flat mate and we never talk, I drive and make my own money, my old friends no longer talk nor text me.

I'm open to the fact it could be me

Then I know I could need change

On the other hand I want to cry and can only dwell on being so lonely. WHY don't they call me, WHY am I so alone? I MISS my friend, I MISS my old life and routines. I MISS my sanity a knowingness that nothings going to change, I YEARN for happiness, I YEARN to be embrassed. The memories of yesterday leave me so lonely and miserable because your gone!

My single life is one of crucifixion not of freedom. I believe that no one understands, how could love and comfort or togetherness faid away from me. Where did I go wrong?
Was it love, comradship or am I yearning for a past and not present in the moment. Am I surrounded with emptiness that all I have is yesterday without much living in my present?

In my human moment of truth is an innoscence that asks another human to be with me in my pain, a pain that I don't understand with which it came from. I do not ask it to be here.

People shrill at me, people come and go, people don't get to know me, people go easy on me,
loafing loafing
26-30, F
May 13, 2012