I Need A Change Sometimes

Somedays I feel lonely , I think I get bored of the same old friends and their same old problems . It proves you can feel alone around other people as if you were all alone . The company you keep can make you cry out for change , where when I am alone I find it quite easy to entertain myself . There are times when we need a different perceptive on things and that is when I know it is time to make a few new friends , easier said then done.
Dunnerhead Dunnerhead
46-50, M
1 Response Aug 2, 2012

Hi :) I've felt the sane way, bored of the people I know, the place I live in and the activities I have. Maybe you could try learning something new and take a course or a class about it. For example

Sorry, wrong button hehe. I was saying, for example, what about learning a new language or to cook? This way you will have a new activity and will definetely know new people :) and well, if I had the needed independence and felt like you do, I would probably go to a near town during the weekend to change of sorroundings a little bit :) well, hope I helped and good luck :D

Thanks for the good advice , leaving the city does work for me .