Just Need Someone to Talk to

I'm going through a great depression right now. I have never felt so alone. I don't know if I'll ever feel better. I wish I had a real good friend or just someone to talk to right now. I hate feeling this way.

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my husband is using me.i know he has some one. He does not even leave the maid.Drunkerd smoker,sitting in the house not working from last 3 years. Wants to make fast money and lost couple of our hard earn money, house etc. I have a small son age 7 years.I just dont know what to do.I dont want to divorce him and leave him so easly.Have a new relation and teach him a lesson.But what about my son.

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Just wanted to let you know i am here for you. I uderstand what you are going through with feeling lonely. I am here if you wantto talk.

i understand how you feel if you ever need to talk iam hear xxx