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which is worse...being with someone and feeling lonely, or being alone and feeling lonely?

purpleriz purpleriz
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I agree, to be lonely when you are supposed to have your needs met in a relationship, but it does not happen. That is the worst! At least when you are single, and you are lonely, you can do something about it, but when you are married, there is always the gamble of messing up your life, if you had to have a fling or get involved outside marraige, how do you live with yourself then? So, you end up biting the bullet and carry on with your miserable life hoping one day you wake up and things are better. No wonder people have affairs, yes it is wrong, but how can one be the judge of someone elses needs and feelings? How long can you carry on feeling that way?

lonely with someone is worse , it denies the chance for change

That's why we are friends dorothy...we do have a lot in common... (((hugs girlfriend)))

I concur - being lonely and WITH someone - when you are alone - there is a nice benign reason to be lonely - when someone is around and you are STILL lonely - then add on, for me, a helping of rejection.<br />
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Purple - I knew we had more in common than our favorite color!

Ooooh my vote is for being WITH someone and feeling lonely. Before I remet my lover, I was alone, and rarely if ever felt lonely.<br />
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He is married and we when we remet, the first time we were physically together he cried, because for many years of his marriage, he lived and slept with someone and was lonely all the time on a basic intimate level (his is a sexless marriage). So lets give two votes for the former being worse.