I Feel Lonely Nearly Every Day of My Life

Almost every day of my life I feel as if I am completely lonely and isolated. my friends are all on the other side of the country, my parents are not the easiest to share anything with, and I do not know my college friends well enough. The only one who I can freely share anything with right now is the family cat. However I want to be able to be more open with my parents, and my friends. I am also Social phobic and I do not have a car so I cannot go anywhere as freely as I want to. Most of my life is usually loaded with college coursework so I do not even have time to freely go out and make new friends and hang out with my college friends. I am trying my hardest to be less socially phobic and get out more, but most of the time I am just plain stumped as to what to do next.

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4 Responses Jul 6, 2009

I have this problem too, sometimes I feel really angry at myself for it - and yeah, I cant really talk to my parents either...

It took me a very long time to adjust to the harsh outcome of my childhood. I was raised by a very brutal father, who used to lynched me, and beat my mother to tears. That turned me into a very shy and troubled youg kid. I was very scared of the world and i just secluded myself. Today, i completely changed, and as i meet people and talk to them, it breaks my heart to say, some of the thing they do and say out of the mouth is just as wicked as what i have endured with my father. Your mind is a kingdom of good and evil, and being lonely sometime can open doors to knowledge you can never acquire in a book, because it makes you think very deep. My point is, don't be sad about it, do something good about it, your heart and mind are all you need to change the world around you. Trust me, i am a suvivor, and the sadness of my childhood, gave me a heart inflation i have to deal with for the rest of my life. That is why, i love children and i love animals, they seem to be the only perfect creatures around these days, everybody else is hooked up on TV trying to define common sense instead of picking up a dictionary. Don't let loneliness affect you... solitude is not great...

I am the same way, its like im uncomfortable in my own skin if that makes sense.

I know exactly what you mean.<br />
I find it difficult to go out and meet new people as I have no idea how to actually go about it.