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The Silence I Need...

Sometimes I am not even alone, but I feel as if I were. The embrace of the solitude wraps me and I don't even realize it. When I am writing or trying to put some feeling on the paper, I embrace the solitude. The solitude doesn’t need to be a negative thing, it has the gift to calm my agitation down and, so, this quiet moment allows me to write and to find some answers I am looking for. The kind of silence that brings me an inner peace.

Then a question comes to my mind, do people live alone because they choose it or because they don't want or can't change it? Who knows, each mind, different world.

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Yesterday I became a supporter of E.P.

You feel alone. Let me. I can keep you company.

Yes, often silence is Golden, a time to think and be at peace away from the pressure of everyday life.<br />
Even though friends are cherished sometimes its nice to be with the person you know best. <br />

I need both social activity and solitude. Like the tide moving in and out, if I'm alone too long I start to crave conversation and then after crave the solitude. Sometimes my mind just needs to be without any distractions to figure something out.

You are always welcome TP.

Sometimes the best conversation is by having none... Just silence. Hugs.

You know, sometimes, I do also. But then I look back at what I had, and look to now at what I have and realize that I am never alone. God is with me forever and always. I am happy!