The Silence I Need...

Sometimes I am not even alone, but I feel as if I were. The embrace of the solitude wraps me and I don't even realize it. When I am writing or trying to put some feeling on the paper, I embrace the solitude. The solitude doesn’t need to be a negative thing, it has the gift to calm my agitation down and, so, this quiet moment allows me to write and to find some answers I am looking for. The kind of silence that brings me an inner peace.

Then a question comes to my mind, do people live alone because they choose it or because they don't want or can't change it? Who knows, each mind, different world.

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4 Responses Mar 23, 2010

Yes, often silence is Golden, a time to think and be at peace away from the pressure of everyday life.<br />
Even though friends are cherished sometimes its nice to be with the person you know best. <br />

You are always welcome TP.

Sometimes the best conversation is by having none... Just silence. Hugs.

You know, sometimes, I do also. But then I look back at what I had, and look to now at what I have and realize that I am never alone. God is with me forever and always. I am happy!