I feel numb like the thought that no one cares and no one will ever take the time to care numb's my body and feel non existing
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I understand how you feel ,but the truth is your wallowing in self pity and you know it , and if you don't stop it you won't be able to get out of it , fact is most people suck (80%to be exact) ,and lack any real care for anyone and if you let that fact take you over you will not survive, you need to get up ,face what is around ,and don't let yourself be put down by this ,always making sure you don't become like these people or else your no different from them.

Thank you very much but as soon as i get happy something triggers me and im sad again its like my body wont allow me to be happy

It's not your body. But your mind and the essence of you , your in depth in pain and sorrow and it has overwhelmed and damaged you ,that's what it is your feeling , you to understand this , knowing true lily what it is , then once you have good grip on it feel it , spreading all that feels damaged all over your flesh , you will see a bright light in your head ,and feel great pain all over , once that's done (it will last about 10 seconds) you will feel all the pain go , and feel better and more In control of yourself.

Thanks for the advice ill work on it do you mind if i message you to update you on how im feeling

It's alright.

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Well I'm sorry you got your hopes up but I will gladly take the time to care.

Thanks but it seems like the people who i really am hoping to care wont

And it sucks

Yeah it does, but worrying about it won't make them care. Go find someone else to care who's not going to let you down like those people already have.