Lost And Don't Know What Direction To Head In.

Background knowledge: I am 22 years old have lived a good life for the most part. I i have a grade 12 education and am making more then most people do after taking years of courses in school geared towards their job type. I am pretty shy.

I am lost and don't know where to start, there are all kinds of things i would like to do but have contradictory plans and ideas. I can keep at my job and be successful and make lots of money but the job does not provide the time i want to do other things such as travel. Something else i would like to do is devote a lot of time and attention to a sport i would like to compete in but as well as not being able to work that with my work schedule the area i live in does not provide any teams or leagues for the sports i am interested in joining in on. I would also like to buy a house so i have a place i can call my home and start filling it with my possessions. I have never really had a girl for long enough that i can call it anything more then dating and the longest any dating has lasted has been 2 weeks, like i said i am shy and in most situations find it hard to talk to a girl especially if it has to do with trying to create some sort of relationship or attraction not including friendship. I would be ready and committed to any of the life styles i chose to take but i just cannot figure out what path to take and what i will be giving up if i do choose it, as well i cannot stand doing anything by myself, i would love to travel more often but i don't want to go alone and its almost impossible to find someone to come with me.

Sorry if its kind of all over the place just trying to get things down.
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Jan 16, 2013