Growing up to the age of about six i had a normal, mischievous life like most kids until the death of my father. He died at the age of 32 from a heart attack, well so im told by family but ive never really believed it. After that i kinda took on this tough guy role in school. Acted real tough, was considered like the head of the class some might say but during this i got bullied. Talked about my father, called me fat etc and i compensated for that by being aggressive towards everyone. then came high school and that trend of mine didnt work out as much. I got segregated at times and bullied some more. I got depressed but held that in and never told anyone to this day. During high school i got into a relationship which ended badly and i tried to take my own life. It wasnt successful obviously but afterwards, like others have said after they have tried to kill themselves that they regretted it straight away, i didnt regret it. I done it because my life seems to have no purpose. I have had no good things happen to me in life what so ever, not one. Bad memories in school, relationships, family, everything. I have nothing going for my life at all right now. Im depressed, have no friends, my present girlfriend just told me im boring and she was the only thing keeping me together at present. My life is a mess and i dont know what to do. Ive nothing left in my life, nothing.
AnonGuy2 AnonGuy2
22-25, M
Aug 24, 2014