I'm Writin This Stupid Story For The 2nd Time Now

Coz i ******* hate my computer and i hate all of you, that right you lot. i hate the whole ******* world, i cant stand it, yeah im so depressed right now. my life is crap, n i only have myself to blame. i really have tried to keep it together and the best ive done is lay off drugs n booze. woohoo, what an accomplishment. im a nagative, pathetic waste of sace that quite frankly should actually be dead, after all im taking up the world resources, there are people out there more deserving than myself. y'know, im unemployed and ive had about 4 jobs in the last yr and a half, i got treated like **** in all of them. i had a breakdown in between. move home more often than i care to remember. i hate my therapist for very good reason - she is rubbish oh and ive had 3 therapists already in the space of a year. im seeing a new psychiatrist this month who will probably give me a new med, woohoo, im so happy! i love on my own, all my romantic relationships suck. im self harming again. i dont want to go to the doctor, i have been to the doctors, im sick of them, i really am, they do no good for me, the last one i went to sat there flicking an elastic band whilst i cried my eyes out n i just ended walking out. no-one can help me, things get relativly ok and then they just really really bad. im so jealous of other people that are following the dream  and achieving their goals, i just want to punch them. i mean all i do is sit in, i hate going out in case i bump into my old therapist who works nearby and i hate the look of where i live yet am in a crappy financial position, i have no savings, nothing. no family, no brothers or sisters, im basically alone. i help other people and when i want help, they all disappear or they just arn't interested. i'm sick of it all, i really am. I dont care what negative remarks you write here, i really dont give a ****. im kinda used to it anyway, so if it makes you feel better be my guest. goodnight..,

bubblegum84 bubblegum84
26-30, F
Mar 7, 2010