Quiet Ones.

We all just want to fit in somewhere and feel like we truly belong in this place where people will notice us and we would now that "I Matter", but it just always ends up with us getting in the shaddow of these people that search for spotlights and always have their life under control with the perfect boyfriend and a tons of friends. We all know that person who everyone loves.
It's just hard to wake up some days with the same question. "am i loved?" "Do i Matter?"
I Believe that everyone is special and uniqe in their own way, but i don't know if i believe in a place for us all, 'cause people can be very mean, and shallow. shallow enought to never notice the remarkable people. The ones that are shy and and quiet at first, but has this amazing personality once you get to know them.
In this world, it's not very like to find someone who wants so get to know the real you. It's all about surface and first impression personality, and spotlight. No one notice the quiet ones, the ones that needs to feel loved and noticed the most <3
Minuet19 Minuet19
Dec 10, 2012