Unloved Or Unlovable?

I sometimes wonder when I feel unloved (which is most of the time), whether it is because I am unlovable. Maybe in a strange kind of way we send out bad vibes that make us less lovable. What do others think?

felicita felicita
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5 Responses Mar 7, 2009

One needs to love ones self first so that one can allow the love for ones self to radiate out like smiles and laughter and infect all around us like a yawn.

God totally loves you. In fact he delights in you. Good, bad, right, wrong, you are His delight.

Good point Papillon. Great username. French for butterfly?<br />
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tat2doc another good point. You see it as a reflection of low self esteem.

It's OK Fleurina, I feel the same specially when most of the people I know don't reply to my emails and phone calls, when it's for information for them....Do like I did lately, dropped a lot of people from my list of so called "friends". That way at least not having friends makes you go look for new relationships.

Sure we do. The way we think, feel, and see ourselves on the inside, shows on the outside.<br />
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But nobody is unlovable.