Mister. Celophane

If you have seen Chicago, you know what i mean by this title... as the lyrics to that number go.. "cause you can look right through me, pass right by me, and never know im there"... yep.. that.. explains me... Yea, ok, so when at work or doing something wrong, or productive... people notice me, cause im doing the work that they are to lazy to do.. or.. in my mothers case, she likes to yell at me, so she is watching to see what i do wrong...... Anyway... In this world.. i am very much alone... since my parents divorcied.... my mom and i lived together, well.. tension grew and the mother daughter relationship vanished.. we are nothing more then friends now.... and.. as for real friends... my only friend i had in high school ended up as my high school sweet heart... who left me the day i finished basic training... still trying to pick up the pieces from her.. my first true love... but... yea.. so i went to the army... did my thing and am now back home... alone.... with no body but co-workers to really talk to... of course.. there is my princess samsam... but.. tension between us right now is somewhat frustrating.. and.. she is not just a friend to me.. she is the next love of my life...at least i hope she feels the same way... not my point of this story tho.... As for "sometimes" feeling very alone... no... no no.. I AM very alone... i have no real person in my life that truely listens and cares and understands... i don't have that best friend that everyone deserves... you look in my cell and there are like 4 numbers... work.. and parents... kind of amazing how one person can be so invisible to a world so full of nobodys
MiremebeKamaria MiremebeKamaria
18-21, F
Dec 30, 2010