The Average Day Of The Nice Guy

I am the youngest of total 4 sons in my family with religious parents. We have moved alot cus of my fathers work.
I am a caring guy and Im always told Im funny and talented.
Yet I struggle with confidence.
I always did parody's and made my friends and people I knew laugh.
still do...

I got a loving family and I always say yes, Its like Im afraid of hurting someone by saying no.
I havent been in a steady relasionship, I only had 3 girlfriends and nothing sexual in thoose.
I only had sex when I was drunk and I cant really remember that.

I've passed down sex with couple girls because Im not really after just that. I want companion-ship. I want someone to talk to and someone that I can comfort if they are having a bad day or struggling with something.

I love helping people and I always care even if I know the person or not.
I belive that there's something good in everyone and I'm trying to see the best in everyone.
Yet I wake up alone everyday in my appartment which I live alone in and make brekfeast and drive to work.

I work at a furniture store at the warehouse fixing furniture and delivering and recieving furniture. Basicly everything exept selling them.
I got a drug addict alcoholic brother that I've always protected trough the years from I was as young as 8 or 9 yrs old.

I know Im the youngest, but Im the brother in the family that is the closest to all of my brothers.
But yet all I want is someone to hold around and keep safe and its killing me to watch my friends have this while I cant.

I just want a normal girl that isn't the type of girl that gets wasted every weekend and does something idiotic.
Someone I can talk to and that will feel that they can talk to me about anything.

I know Im still young, but I feel like I should have gotten someone by now.
I have no problem what so ever to talk to girls or to flirt.
I guess Im just to picky when it comes to girl because most places I meet them is at party's and thats kinda ironic since I dont want the kind of girl that party's all the time.
Even though I don't want a girlfriend that dont drink aswell. Not that I mind sober people I mean I could easily take a sober one because I have no urge to drink either.

Just felt I had to share this because I got no problem getting to know new people and I almost greet new people with open arms.
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I know exactly how you feel. People like us rather have omeone to.ubdrstabd and share memori es with than get wasted and for get a day. To have one person to be unconditionaly love and be best mates at the same time. Im here if you.need a ear :)

You seems like a very nice guy who perhaps has yet to meet the right girl who will appreciate you for who you are. Well, you're still young so be hopeful. All the best! :)

Thank you:-)

let me tell you one thing
unless and until you don't become bold and outgoing
gals won't notice you
Believe me gal's mentality sucks in such thing
they go for the guys who'll simply FUCCK THEM AND USE THEM
no respct for good guys
dont belive me?
chck ur mates
all bad boys wuld have hottest babes and all guyz wuld be doing nothing but watchin pornoss and ************!

As a woman in your age range, I agree with someone who said that girls are not attracted to guys without confidence. For example, I have so much going on in my life, that if I was dating a guy that was not confident, I would have to spend time comforting him and making him feel secure - that is a turn off! Be confident in yourself! and if you can't be, fake confidence until it becomes real! and remember that girls are not always confident too, you might have to be the one who makes the grand gesture to a girl. Perhaps try looking for girls at your local place of worship

yeah I know, but Im not like the guy that dont say anything or something like that, I can fake confidence and let other think I got it, but like when Im doing it I got this voice in my head telling me I'll screw it up.

Aw, you sound like a great guy and would be a perfect boyfriend for any lucky girl. Don't worry, you'll find someone soon if you're able to talk and flirt well, your paths just haven't crossed yet :) good luck

Thanks for your time and the reply :) I appriciate it :) Thanks

I admire your approach to life,a young man with a wise head.Cheers.

Cheers mate :)

You sound a lot like me when I was your age. It took me many years to learn to love myself. As I accepted me for me, as I loved who I was, I could feel my self esteem and my confidence building up.

That's exactly what you need to do now. You need to learn to start loving yourself. You need to focus on what your good qualities are and how they make you unique. Yes, everyone out there has some good qualities about them, including you. Embrace those good qualities as something you can present to the world in a positive fashion. Soon, others will notice those good qualities.

Another thing to start doing is to learn to look yourself in the mirror. Don't be ashamed of the person you see. Instead, embrace the person you see as someone who is loving, caring, and compassionate. Those are positive qualities any person would love to have. When you're looking at yourself in the mirror, remind yourself that you're a wonderful human being who deserves to love and has so much love to give. Smile at yourself. Use positive affirmation and tell yourself that you love YOU.

I would also point out that you can never truly love someone else until you've learned to love yourself. I know, it's cliche as hell. Someone told me that same cliche when I was your age and I thought they were full of it. Life experience told me otherwise.

Finally, I would also point out that most women are not attracted to a man who lacks self confidence. In order to have meaningful and fulfilling relationships down the line, you need to work on building up that self confidence.

Thanks for taking time on giving such good reply that gave much answers to what I was wondering, appriciate it! :)