I Get Intimidated By Large Groups And Want To Runaway And Dissapear.

well uni has started again for the second year and i'm early to class. i walk into te bilding confidently until i noticed so many people there, some of them looking at me. and then i realised that my confidence just dissapeared. i get really nervous when i;m in a small area with so many people because i know at least ten of them are looking at me. i think its because its out of my comfort zone and theres no sense of privacy. so when i try to socialise to some of the people i get really shy and i cannot do it, in fact i blew my chances on talking to two girls, who i was sitting between them two during the whole lecture. i never get that close to women and my heart was beating rapidly. i was nervous because the girls were both pretty and i couldn't talk to them, i felt as if maybe the wrong words would come out if i did talk to them. i really wonder if its just me or is it the fact that so many people in one place can be so intimidating.

jonnyronny jonnyronny
18-21, M
Feb 10, 2010