That's What I'm Here For!

First of all, I love the group logo. It reminds me of Douglas Adams' and The Hitchicker's Guide to Galaxy.

My rambling is due to occurring random thoughts and feelings that don't leave me alone. They usually stop bothering me when expressed, by talking or writing. I prefer writing to talking which is a good thing, because this way my friends and family in real life don't have to suffer more than necessary, hah. People online can at least skip me.

Talking s*it comes naturally for me. It's one of the rare things I'm good at, and most of the time I'm quite proud of it. I have some talent! Thoughts are like a ball of yarn thrown from a cliff: you have to find the starting point, but after that you just have to watch it go. I can't guarantee the quality of the text though.

Rambling, that's good word to describe it. That's what I'm doing now, not knowing what I will write after the next sentence. The thought unfolds as I write. I started aware that I have something to say, but not exactly sure what it might be.

If often look through my texts, stories here and everything else I've written, and wonder why I needed to say this. Not only it doesn't make sense, it's not even interesting. There are many other thoughts I think, but they are different somehow. They are not 'ball of yarn' thoughts. They are ready and clear as I think them, they don't need to be solved, poked through the process of writing. I could write them if I wanted to, but that's not the same thing. I would know what I would write, and that's not really 'writing' it. It would be copying. To others (readers) those thoughts would probably make more sense, but to me they would be pointless.

I can make sense if I want to, but it takes lot of effort. Usually I just don't bother, and just ramble on. I am happy if people understand me, but I have gotten my thought expressed, and for me just that matters.
Fearofsilence Fearofsilence
18-21, F
Jul 15, 2010