People Scare Me

Some daring (but intellectually challenged) individual posted in the Q&A section about how a married man has conceived a child with her, and she wants to know what the population of EP thinks: should she abort the pregnancy, or have the child.  There are some moments that just leave you dumbfounded.

Yeah, it bothers me when people ask serious questions, and some yoinker has to post a bullshit answer that shows they just want to be Mr or Mrs Popular.  There are some really good questions that work well in Q&A.  And then there are questions that don't belong on social networking sites at all.  This is one of those questions.

The answers are almost as precious as the question.  Some folks tell this girl to abort the pregnancy, and then someone else even MORE dumb says that embryos "feel pain."  Um.  No.  Not possible.  Know how I know?  Because Anatomy & Physiology is a course of profound importance to all people who enjoy living.  Explain to me, oh wisened one, how embryonic tissue, barely perfused with very basic nerves, can send signals to an undeveloped brain.  If you're going to use science to support your argument, you should first actually KNOW the science you reference.  Simply saying what you think is true isn't scientific.

First, if you're going to say something scientific, such as "embryos can NOT feel pain," it helps to back up what you've said with research.  The very best research is evidence-based.  Here you go:

Read through that, and understand that before the embryo becomes a fetus, the primary function of the embryonic brain is developing into a brain -- neurons are still growing axons.  This means they are not actually 'connected' at that point.  Do fetuses feel pain?  Sure.  According to the same article, processes needed to perceive pain are developing around the 12th week of gestation.  Amazing.  In most states, abortion is legal UNTIL the 12th week.  Coincidence?  No.  The embryo becomes a fetus around the 12th week.  They had to draw the line somewhere, and that seemed to be a good line.  Besides, maternal outcomes take a sharp turn south after the 12th week.  After that time, it's usually healthier for the mother to continue the pregnancy to full gestation because the complications of late-term abortion skyrocket.   My school has access to their research, but I don't at home...  if you want to read the entire article, head to a university library.

The drama of right-to-lifers really has to come to an end.  Why is abortion so tragic?  Because of the ended life.  There's no need to make it something it isn't.  The shock and awe of displaying aborted embryos and calling it something it isn't is really ****** rhetoric.  In fact, it's weak argumentation and not worthy of note.  Abortion ends a life.  Embryos do not experience pain or joy because they lack the context and the framework of a processing center.  Abortion in the first 12 weeks kills an embryo. Is that sad?  Yes.  End of story. 

Brace THAT up against the folks who are telling this girl to dumb the child on the father's doorstep.  Wow.  I can get behind the "give the child up for adoption" group because that makes sense.  But the whole, throw the child in the father's face bit is really sophmoric and childish.  For a girl who has committed adultery with a married man, and gotten pregnant, the need to make the situation known by the wife is just her own selfish need to prove that she's better, somehow, than the wife.  Why else would that huntress have proudly posted on my whiteboard that the love of my life gave her what he would never give me?  She did it to prove that she's a better woman than I and that he loved her more than me and WANTED to share a child with her and not me.  Does ANY married man actually think that way?  No.  So, to put a finer point on it...  the only reason this married man got this girl pregnant was because it was an accident.  Throwing it in the wife's face is the girl's way of asserting her superiority.  The fact is, any girl who would devastate a woman and her children that way isn't a grown-up, doesn't deserve to call herself a woman, and really shouldn't be screwing anyone except perhaps herself.

Which brings me to my rant:  why?  Why ask a bunch of strangers our thoughts on a pregnancy conceived through adultery?  What else can we do except make crude assumptions and hasty judgment calls?  Where else would we go in our thought process, other than sarcastic-land where everyone wears a bullseye?  Look at the question itself:  it wasn't long before respondents were judging each other and being ****** and judgmental of everyone.  Makes me wonder if the girl who asked really is pregnant with a married man's baby.  I get the feeling she just wants the attention of a lot people flipping out over the fact that she screwed a married man and got knocked up. 

I rant about that a lot:  cheating.  I want to get over it, I do.  No one on this planet wants me to stop caring about this more than I do.  The fact is, apparently EVERYONE is unfaithful and it's a really popular, fun thing to do.  All you gorgeous people, you don't have to care about fidelity or honor, do you?  People just want you and want to please you.  All you really have to do is keep 'em hooked.  The rest of us, we actually have to compensate for our looks by BEING good people.  Despite our compensatory activities, we never measure up simply because we don't LOOK like society wants.  I had the love of my life tell me to my face that I'm not what society deems attractive.  Wow.  So then when you consider the truth that he cheated on me, A LOT... you start to draw a conclusion that those of us who are not societally attractive DESERVE to be cheated on simply because of our looks, or lack of them.

I once thought there was somebody for everybody.  I've amended that ideal.  Some people have a lot of people, the rest of us have to muddle through on our own.  I may not be pretty, and the men that I have loved over the course of my life may not have found me worthy of fidelity.  I never ****** another woman's partner, never let myself get pregnant from a man who was committed to someone else, and I never use anyone as a means to any end.  My looks are not the reason I work so hard to be an honorable person.  I could be a shithead and take advantage.  I work this hard so that in those rare moments when I am looking at myself in a mirror, I'm not ashamed of the person staring back at me.  Maybe that's why cheaters are all so good-looking...  they don't have to look into their own eyes because they're mesmerized by their own good looks.  Honestly, I don't know why cheaters never experience guilt or shame for the things they do and the advantages they take.  I've got to live with myself, and even though I might have to live with ONLY myself, at least I know that I'll never screw me over. 
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WOW! The one good thing to moving is I missed the question.