Me Old?

- no, I don´t forget.
But my age is only a number.
78 is a number, not much more.
The line from birth to this moment is really not a metric line, subdivided by years.
It is not a ruler with even distances between the marks.
The moment of life begins in eternity before now, we cannot see it.
Eternity has no beginning - we cannot see a point of beginning.
We can only see a scale lying on the table in front of us,  which shows the years.
That´s mere theory but no experience.

May I say that a two or three years old child is in the middle of its life?
The first three years were sooo long and sooo full of a great number of experiences and learning, filling up the brain.
All packed together in this period since birth or a little earlier.

May be that in the period after I was three I did nor really learn more than before the third birthday.
It was much, but the first three years were the maximum.
I do not remember myself, but I watch a lot of very small children in the house where I live, two years old and less.
Their life is so densily packed ...
Their new brain is almost blank and -
has to be programmed in almost every thing during a very short period.
And filled with so many basic things.
The rest is merely superficial learning and happening.

During the last 76 years I remain the same person, already programmed and trained during the two first years.
Already coined during the first 2 or 3 years of existence.
Since then I am this person.

aryamanstefan aryamanstefan
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1 Response May 12, 2011

Yes, I´m old, and I am happy. Often I am so happy that tears come in my eyes. Sometimes I tremble the whole day and night because of happiness. I live in a small comune, we are almost 20 people including six children under six. Happines is the natural birth right of every creature - including man.<br />
<br />
The problem is only that we disturb and even destroy our happiness and others´ happiness - often purposely.<br />
<br />
Greetings to all happy fellow-people from Aryaman Stefan in Wismar