I Always Get Inspiration From Other Member's Stories..

Have you ever watched the snow fall silently to the ground, heard the thunder & lightning, felt the raindrops on your face? 
I’m inspired by the stories I read on EP all the time. These stories are about love, heartbreak, loss, divorce, marriage and so much more. Each membesr writing has their own way of weaving their stories full of intricate details that allows you to see inside their world for a moment.
I just love to log on and see the stories from the friends in my circle and members who aren’t in my circle. They are all inspirational in their own ways!   
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5 Responses Aug 6, 2010

Very true zall1rog! Treasures are all around us if we open up to receive them..

Thanks ElenMaica31 :-)

Snowbunny- I agree with you. :)

AllaboutLaffs- Thanks so much! I love writing. I have been getting back into writing (which I love). The ability to look outside and inside your circle at all the stories here is really a treasure huh ? <br />
<br />
PTMAN- Aww you are too kind :)... you are a wonderful writer as well. Thanks for always noticing my stories ... it feels good when you write and make a difference to someone !

i know i love your stories, your a hell of a writer.