Like Peanut Butter On Rye...

It's funky.   Apologies to GC.

Ok i'm a little at a loss for words because i thought we were talking about funk music, and yes i love weird funk.  Rio Baille is a trip.
But if we're talking about moods, then yes i do identify with the group's experience.  I'm interested in knowing what people think about the concept of "good funks". The idea that we get into a funk has long had a negative connotation. It seems to imply that we are out of sorts and generally "off our game" or acting or performing at a sub-par level.
Is it possible to have a good funk? A weird good funk? I'm of the belief that negative experiences can be of just as much benefit as positive ones. So it would be reasonable (to me at least) that a weird funk could end up being an enlightening experience.  Catharsis comes to mind. A bit off track but still in the same ball park.
Dang sports analogies - but they are so easy to use.

Anyway, i do get into weird funks. Ones that are sometimes unexplainable. Some without purpose. And that's ok. The nice thing about a funk (or a slump in sport's terminology) is that it implies it's temporary. And that one will eventually emerge from it.
Just some thoughts of mine. Wondering what others might think about it.
johnnybliss johnnybliss
41-45, M
Sep 7, 2012