Forget Sometimes.... Goin' For Always

I am terribly uncomfortable with myself, and that transfer to my sexuality as well. I am very insecure and I tend to be very inhibited sexually. Makes me kinda boring in the bedroom, but what I don't have in confidence.... Well, Shane said I made up for in love shown. So maybe it's not so bad????


   Teri xxoo

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5 Responses Feb 10, 2009

"I am very insecure and I tend to be very inhibited sexually. Makes me kinda boring in the bedroom" The part in quotes is how i feel. there is something that i like, but I am nervous about sharing it because guys might think i am weird.

Ha ha ha <br />
So neither one of us can "win for losing" Lol

Oh I'm sorry to hear that! Yes, meds will definitely do that! <br />
Heartbreak sucks!! I lose my appetite everytime my heart gets broken. Lol<br />
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Maybe that's why I'm fat! Cuz I'm happy!! LOL

I used to be completely uninhibited in the bedroom! But since then I've gained weight and now I'm real uncomfortable with my body! I feel fat and soooo not sexy! <br />
My husband doesn't mind and he still wants me as much as he ever did, but my weight gain has really lessened my Libido! If I could just lose even ten pounds I would feel sexier....*sigh*

I am hoping that more of us can discuss this issue - I think it is a big one for women particularly.<br />
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I am so glad you joined! And if Shane is your BF - wow, he sounds perfect! I am definitely more comfortable with my sexuality than I used to be! Also, the love and trust in a good man can make a huge difference, don't you think?? The man that I am involved with right now - I plan on sharing my story with him because he - well, he cares for me enough that he will talk to me about it and try to figure out ways to get me through it - I guess that is why he is such a good lover - I find I lose my head with him and sometimes forget to be self-conscious! I look forward to us talking more!