One Samurai Sword, Five Cops, And A Tazer

It was not a dark and stormy night... but it was dark and night! Quite pleasant, actually. Perhaps a bit on the chilly side, seeing as fall was approaching. 

Ok...I'll shut up with the silliness (maybe;)

For whatever reason, I was having a panic attack. I was alone at home, and I was just freaked out (I have anxiety, mpd, name it).
I had called my boyfriend, and apparently I said something that worried him enough to call the cops, because they came.

Whenever I panic, I tend to grab my full size Samurai sword. (Yes, I do know how to use it;)
I went outside with my sword (no, I was NOT on drugs or drinking! In fact, I was probably OFF my prescription drugs at the time!).

The next thing I remember is standing on the sidewalk, sword in hand, with five cops and loaded guns pointed at me. I was in such a state of panic that I seemed to have lost all sense. 

"Drop your weapon!" They shouted.

I just stood there motionless with a stone cold glare (for some reason...).

Then the woman cop about 7 feet in front of me fired off her tazer. The barbs hit me and latched into my skin between the breasts and near the groin, perfectly nailing both my bra and the side string of my thong underwear.
In less than a second, the electricity coursed through my body with the most intense jolt. My sword flew from my hand onto the street, and my body went completely stiff as a was thrown backwards by the strong electrical current. As I fell stiff as a board to the ground, a strange euphoria surged over me. I started laughing.

After than, and ambulance took me to the hospital, where they had to surgically remove the tazer barbs. (I have the scars still to this day, years later!)

In the emergency room, I spoke with the woman cop who shot me. I was laughing and joking with her like we were friends.I'm sure she thought I was crazy.... smiling and being all happy and silly!
I didn't care that she shot me. She was doing her job.

Really, the only thing that I regret is the loss of my favorite bra and panties! I still do have the black Mustang shirt and orange sweat pants from that night. There are cut marks where the surgeon removed the cloth from the barb and skin, so I can't really wear them anymore! (Although, I did wear the pants for a while around the house:)
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3 Responses Jul 11, 2010

Thank you, enduser13 :) I wish I had, too. Unfortunately, swords against guns only work in the Matrix ;)

They do! And they are sharp!! ;)<br />
LOL, no I am not often in that situation! I stay as far away from the law as I can. (We don't see eye to eye on a lot of issues...:)

I had no idea that tazer barbs latched onto the skin and had to be surgically removed. That's crazy! Hope you don't find yourself in that situation too often! (but love it that you know how to use a samurai sword :-) )