Every month, about two weeks prior to the start of my cycle, my hormones surge and my libido goes crazy. I can feel the sexual tension building...feel the surge of sexual electricity pulsing uncontrolled through my core. I'm restless. I can't sit still. All I can think about is sex, sex, sex. Even self pleasure doesn't satisfy me during these times. I NEED real life sex, and lots of it!
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lol....this MIGHT just fall under, "First World Problems"!!!...8-)))))

*knocks coffee over rushing out the door* Hang on don`t start without me!!

LOL. Well don't kill yourself getting here sweetie. That would defeat the whole purpose! ;) xoxo

No need for a draft. I'd like to volunteer for duty. :)

LOL. Thanks sweetie..... trying to draft recruits is so much work! ;) hahaha

Happens to me too! I have to be ****** by somebody when I'm like this.

LOL. I understand.... ;)

I even have sex with my husband if he's the only help I can get!

I hear this is pretty common, prior to when the cycle starts..

I think you're probably right :) It just seems natural that the female body/brain would crave more sex during ovulation...ensures procreation!

So, for two weeks every month you know what its like to be a male?

Is this what it's like for you guys all the time? OMG...huge's torture! LOL. Surely it can't be THIS you can't even think straight... ;)

LOL. I can stand up just fine ;P I just can't think straight!

Yes could you please notify us of where you will be during this spell. Only too happy to help out :-)

so I am penciling you in for a visit, in say a month??? lol

LOL. Or right now! ;) hahaha

OMG, how funny, the same thing happens to my wife, the few times she initiates sex is when she is ovulating. She wants sex and loves it and goes crazy, but, you might have a higher libido than her...sigh....

lol. That is funny and it's nice to know it's not just me. Natures way to ensure procreation I guess... ;)

Where are you today? I'll help the best I can ;)

lol ;) Such a gentleman. And I'm right here sexy! xo

This describes me. All I think about is sex these days and that surge is torture.

it is torture....ugh! lol ;D

OMG! I just had an epiphany! I'm continuously going to have my period two weeks from now....Wait a sec....

LMAO! You're a riot!